Welcome To Our Construction Company

If you want to build or renovate a house, you've come to the perfect place. Our construction company can provide


Design-Build Design-build is a construction method that eliminates the lengthy step by step approach used in traditional architect/contractor building processes,


Phoenix Construction has been building commercial buildings throughout Central Alberta for over 10 years. No doubt you will recognize a

Welcome To Our Construction Company

If you want to build or renovate a house, you’ve come to the perfect place. Our construction company can provide you the help you need to see your dream come true. We are capable and willing to take all types of projects, from simple renovation works to complex buildings. We take pride in delivering the highest quality work possible, as well as in using the best materials available on the market. Our specialists have a wealth of experience in the construction industry, being, therefore, able to foresee potential problems and find the most effective solutions to have your project completed on time, without delays or additional expenses.

We’ve built our reputation on trust with both homeowners and commercial companies across the state. All our engineers benefit from training in their areas of experience, thus being always up to date with the latest news in this industry. Moreover, we do our best to implement modern solutions and to purchase the most advanced tools and equipment. This enables us to be extremely competitive, as we can work much faster than many other companies on the market. Besides, our execution speed doesn’t leave any room for errors. We check and double-check all steps of the construction process. We like to cooperate closely with our clients, as this is the best way of keeping them informed on everything. It is very important that our clients see their building in all execution stages. We want them to have peace of mind that they are going to have a safe and secure building, efficient from the energetic point of view, and easy to maintain and to upgrade.

If we’re talking about doing anything with windows and doors, we work hand in hand with http://www.rcwindowsdoors.com to bring you the best in window and door installation, renovation, and restoration.

Thanks to our various teams, we are able to handle all stages of any construction project. We can clear and level your lot, dig your foundation, build your house and install a reliable septic system. We can even help you design and create a beautiful garden or backyard.

Our construction company chooses its business partners with the greatest care. This is how we can assure you of the high quality of all raw materials, appliances, and furnishings. We’ve got an impressive collection of premium materials such as stone, mulch, and loam, as well as every shade of paint you could possibly imagine.

With us, you won’t have to think about anything else than choosing your favorite style. We can take it from there, creating a detailed execution plan to discuss together. The technical training and the business experience of our staff enable us to over-deliver each and every time.

If needed, we are more than happy to provide you some references for our current and former clients. You are welcome to contact them, in order to see with your very eyes what we can do for you. Should you want to discuss your construction needs with a specialist, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can build everything your mind can possibly imagine. Just send us an inquiry and let us show you how your future building could look like.

Building a new home and renovating processes have a lot in common, but your renovation and addition builders need a set of specialized skills that vary depending on the stage you’re in. Check this link and check out the construction process.