About Us

Phoenix Construction Inc. was created over 10 years ago by Howard Beamish and Doug Davies. Howard first came to Red Deer in the late ’70s from British Columbia with a construction crew working on some of the first high rise apartment buildings for another company. It was during this time that Howard met his future wife Terry, and soon to be business partner Doug Davies. A few years later they decided to start their own company and Phoenix Construction Inc. was formed.

Having been based in Red Deer in excess of 10 years allowed us to play a major part in the expansion of the Red Deer Business community. To our credit, we have managed to create a rather large clientele. Some of our clients include Vellner Leisure Products, Woody’s RV, South-side Plymouth Chrysler, Red Deer Industrial Metals, Al Glover International Trucks, DeerMart, Jumbo Car Wash, Gris Gun Manufacturing, and many others.
Along with a solid reputation with our customers we have also earned a positive relationship and mutual respect with our sub-contractors. The tradespeople we use is the cornerstone of our business. Our business practice has been to keep our manpower down and sub-contract out most of the construction work. It has been this combination of sub-contractors and management that has allowed us to get where we are today.

All of our staff bring a wealth of knowledge and professionalism that allows us to complete your project on time and on budget.

Who We Are

Phoenix Construction is a general contracting firm that has been successfully offering a broad range of construction services in Central Alberta since 1988.

What We Do

We believe that by developing good relationships with our clients, suppliers, and sub-contractors we are able to put together a client’s project that is best suited to their individual need whether it’s a specific focus on budget, time or functionality.

What We Have To Offer

The Phoenix Construction Team is committed to reaching the goal and vision of our clients. By taking the time to get to know our customers we are better able to fulfill their needs. Ranging from a consultant, mentor or partner, this adaptability signals our ability to meet and exceed their expectations.

By exceeding our customer’s goals we develop long term relationships, in effect becoming a partner to assist in their success. Our clients recognize that we continually deliver quality and value thereby ensuring that they call us for future projects.